DevOps & Continuous Delivery
On Steroids
Speed Up Your Development
- Dori Exterman
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Team members use Agile and Continuous Delivery methodologies to increase efficiency, enabling frequent releases, while improving software quality. Breaking down silos between development groups and the development/operations divide accelerates delivery. Testing, release, staging, and deployment are streamlined and force agility and increased efficiency. 

Build automation helps accelerate build processes by automating many of the tasks that developers, QA, build managers, and anyone else involved in the build process do in their day-to-day activities. This is where speed is becoming essential.

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Integrates with tools such as:
  • Continuous Integration automation challenges & benefits
  • How to identify build flow bottlenecks
  • How to lower continuous integration cycles times
  • How multicore and distributed computing can accelerate your continuous integration
  • The effect of faster build cycles on a single developer, team, and the entire development organization

Once thought a reality of every development process, make slow build times a thing of the past.

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“IncrediBuild enabled us to drastically reduce our overall Microsoft® TFS development processes. Now our agile development is effective and scalable. Without IncrediBuild's parallelization capabilities, the speedup and resulting improvement would not be possible.”

- Yuval Mazor - Senior ALM Architect, Cellebrite -