Application acceleration


ISVs and OEMs:
IncrediBuild's award-winning acceleration technology can now be embedded in your own applications.

Want to start offer lightning-fast distributed solutions to your customers? IncrediBuild-XGE can accelerate your application's runtime up to 30x faster or even more.

By harnessing the idle computing power on your users' networks, IncrediBuild-XGE creates a virtual supercomputer that can drastically reduce your application's runtime. It's easy to integrate with IncrediBuild-XGE: in less than an afternoon, most Windows-based applications can easily be converted into accelerated distributed solutions.


IncrediBuild-XGE is the only application acceleration platform that offers:

Dramatic Performance Improvement:

Exceptionally Rapid Integration:

Reduced Costs

obtain up to 30x performance improvement, maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime. Few to no code changes are required to convert most applications to high performance distributed solutions. IncrediBuild-XGE harnesses the idle processing power of office PCs and servers to create a general-purpose compute farm, eliminating the need for expensive dedicated servers and additional third party software.

Near-Zero Maintenance:

Robust, Fault-Tolerant Operation:

Wildely-adopted, proven technology:

Our revolutionary precess virtualization technology eliminates the need to manage and maintain complex server image repositories on the remote nodes. It actively keeps the enviroment synchronized with the most recent application enviroment. Intelligent algorithms such as customizable error-recovery, automated fallback to a backup coordinator (server) and other operational features ensure the highest possible reliablity. Since its introduction in 2002, IncrediBuild-XGE has become one of the most wildely used grid and computing platforms, trusted by over 100,000 users in more than 2000 organizations worldwide.



IncrediBuild-XGE Embedded

Want to embed IncrediBuild acceleration technology in your own products, for resale to your customers? IncrediBuild-XGE offers ISVs and OEMs a powerful grid computing solution for the Windows platform that's exceptionally simple to deploy and integrate.


IncrediBuild-XGE Offloading

For applications that aren't multi-threaded or multi-process, IncrediBuild-XGE offers an easy, light solution to offload workload from your workstation. Run the application on a remote machine, cluster, or in the cloud, freeing up the local machine.