Cross Platform Development


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IncrediBuild and Visual Studio support cross-platform development.

IncrediBuild ensures your C++, C# and Android builds are executed much faster by optimizing parallel compilation and by providing the ability to use remote cores to execute in excess of the local core the developers machine has. 

Build in Parallel

On top of that, IncrediBuild’s new Predictive Execution mechanism further accelerates Android and C++ builds. With Predictive execution, IncrediBuild can:

  1. Start compiling project "B" that depends on project “A” during project's "A" execution.
  2. Allow customers to define custom steps to run in parallel to consecutive tasks
  3. Execute compilation tasks which are not “batched” in parallel 

Rapidly accelerate Android builds


In Android builds, IncrediBuild’s predictive execution has a very high impact on the project level compilation. In Visual Studio 2015, Android compilations are not batched and compilations will be executed in a sequential manner, using only a single core; with IncrediBuild’s predictive execution, compilation in the project level and across solution will be executed in parallel. This allows you to rapidly accelerate your Android compilations even when only using IncrediBuild on a standalone machine.


IncrediBuild's Predictive Execution highly accelerates Visual Studio builds, allowing developers to execute parallel compilation tasks in an optimized manner. IncrediBuild will boost Visual Studio Android builds even when building on a standalone workstation. For example, a build that takes more than 3 minutes on 8-core machine with 100 two-second Android compilation tasks will take only 12 seconds with IncrediBuild. 


Here's a comparison of a sample project:


Without IncrediBuild

(on 8, 16, or 32 core machine)1

With IncrediBuild

(on an 8 core machine)

With IncrediBuild and additional cores

200 seconds

25 seconds

2 seconds

Sample project with 100 compilation tasks (each taking 2 seconds to complete)

Because Android compilations of a single project only utilize a single core, without IncrediBuild, the amount of cores on your machine does not affect the build time. Because IncrediBuild, tasks can be accelerated in parallel, more cores will reduce build time.


Share Projects, See and Stop Build Errors, and Understand Your Build

Supporting shared projects, developers can build applications for Windows and Windows Phone simultaneously, sharing code, user controls, styles, strings, and other assets between the two projects in Visual Studio. Supporting cross platform development, IncrediBuild offers additional productivity features such as build visualization, stop the build upon first error, easy error detections, and the ability to inspect build output per project, build management, and replays.