Customer Testimonials

Over 2,000 companies and institutions worldwide are using IncrediBuild as their everyday build tool. Here is what some of them have to say:

  • BTW I think that your product is the BEST piece of software I have ever used or recommended!  The only thing that money can't buy is time, but IncrediBuild gives you back the time you would have wasted waiting for your builds to complete.

    Robert Cronkite, Manager, Test Engineering, Advanced Motion Controls

  • When evaluating developer tools, I believe in the ideal that each tool should be crafted to do one thing very well. IncrediBuild achieves that ideal. It seamlessly integrates into the MSDev environment and dramatically reduces build time. The response from our C++ development teams has been most enthusiastic. Congratulations Xoreax on a very fine product.

    Jim Lloyd, Manager, System Tools, eBay Inc.

  • After we started using IncrediBuild we have seen compilation time decrease dramatically, thus making our developers more efficient. With our current configuration of IncrediBuild we compile at on average 1/4 of the original compile time.

    Christen Krogh, VP of Engineering, Opera Software

  • IncrediBuild is for real. While increased productivity is great, it's the quality of our code that has benefited the most. Improvements or cleanups to code that were often put off because they would require a full compile of the code base are now made routinely. We can write some new prototypes and the build will usually be complete before we've finished defining the functions. As one of our programmers put it, 'You don't even have to interrupt your idea.' In addition, IncrediBuild's implementation is wonderfully elegant, and the support has been superb.

    Jason Coleman, VP Software, Big Huge Games, Inc.

  • When we introduce components into our development process at BigFix, we insist on the highest standards. The IncrediBuild team has delivered a system that meets our expectations, with rock solid reliability, excellent service, and top-notch performance. My sincere compliments to the team for a product that pays for itself every week, while maintaining the stability and reliability that our developers require.

    Orion Hindawi, Director of Product Management, BigFix, Inc.

  • After minimizing include dependencies and buying the fastest machines we could find, our huge SpatialAnalyzer code base still took forever to compile. We always thought compilation was the ideal parallel task and even contemplated developing our own distributed build solution. After testing IncrediBuild for several weeks, we purchased a bunch of seats. It really speeds the development process, reducing our build times by 60%. This is a wonderful, easy to implement development tool!

    Joe Calkins, President, New River Kinematics

  • We found IncrediBuild very simple to set up, and had our build time immediately cut down by over 80%. Agent workstations kept the same level of responsiveness even when compiling for another machine. The IDE integration is very nice. Great product - highly recommended!

    Yoav Nativ, Project Manager, RADVISION

  • Our system includes approximately 100 projects, over 1,000,000 lines of code and more than 10 man years invested in it. Previously, it took more than an hour and a half to rebuild our system. Using IncrediBuild reduced the build time to approximately 10 minutes. We're very pleased with this product. It has saved us money, by eliminating a lot of idle time of our programmers during the builds. In my opinion it is worth every cent. Since we've started using it a few months ago we've saved more money than IncrediBuild's purchase cost. You'll notice the difference in development time from the minute you start using it.

    Shaul Samara, R&D Manager, SimiGon

  • The demands of game development means the ever-increasing complexity of projects can be a tremendous burden to teams and their overall productivity. In my personal experience, the best recommendation anyone can make as regards productivity is one where every single team member pleads for a tool that helps them achieve their goals. IncrediBuild is such a tool and all projects at Monumental Games are made more productive as a consequence of its use.

    Rocco Loscalzo, CTO, Monumental Games Ltd

  • We have achieved 20 - 80% decrease in build time depending on particular project. Average decrease was about 60%. From my point of view, as a person responsible for a project consisting of many files with various dependencies that gets completely recompiled frequently, involving the IncrediBuild sped up the development really a lot.

    Pavel Krátký, Chief Technology Officer, Safetica Technologies s.r.o.

  • IncrediBuild is working fine with our build process. It has improved build time by 228% along with a few other improvements of our own.

    Weir Wing, Razor Risk

  • Thank very much again for your help. We are very happy with IncrediBuild's performance. We can't stop to use it! We are looking forward to be able to use it fully. We did a test in a 12 cores machine. Building a full solution with Visual Studio it took 1h 33m. Building with IncrediBuild in a 20 machines cluster up to 144 cores it was reduced to 25 minutes. It is really great.

    Francisco Javier Perez Garcia, BBVA

  • Tired of long build times? IncrediBuild IS Incredible! Thanks to you! You saved me more time in one month that I invested in my project.

    Dominic Hock, Developer, Patient Zero

  • I downloaded Incredibuild through Nvidia GameWorks for Android for testing UE4 compilation. What I can say is that it's really a time saver even with only 4 cores (aprox 10mn). Before, I had to wait 1 hour (with another processor and mother board) for that compilation to finish. Thanks again for such a nice product.

    Andry Herizo, Indie Game Developer