Frequently Asked Questions - Pricing & Licensing

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Q: How many Coordinators and Agents should I use?

A: The number of coordinators and agents depends on the following parameters:

  • Network topology
  • Number of machines that initiate builds, usually it is the number of developers and build servers.
  • Build characteristic - time consuming / parallelization aspects of the build (number of projects, configurations, etc.).

The communication between a coordinator and its agents, and between the agents themselves, should be direct and on the same subnet. Therefore, in a case where an organization needs to serve agents on different subnets, it would be better to install one coordinator per subnet.

It is possible to install more than one coordinator on the same subnet in order to serve several agent groups. However, it is not mandatory, as a single coordinator supports the feature of having several agent groups.

An agent license makes every agent an active helper. In order to enable an agent to become also an initiator and start builds, an initiator package license needs to be applied through the coordinator.

Every Initiator Agent also includes an Helper Agent functionality. Typically, you need Initiator Agents for all machines that start builds, and a few Helper Agents for machines that can contribute processing power to distributed builds.

The IncrediBuild ROI Calculator is the best tool to use to figure out which license structure best suits your needs. This calculator provides a detailed explanation, as well as a price quote.

Let us assume that only two machines need to initiate builds, but every build process requires a large amount of processing power. In that case, a customer should purchase a license for X agents (2 will serve as initiators/helpers and the remaining X – 2 will serve only as helpers).

Q: If I wish to add Agents or solutions to my current license, what do I do?

A: If you are purchasing online, make sure you mark this option in the online purchase form ("Check here if you wish to add..."). 
If you are ordering via PO, please clearly state this request on your order.

Q: Can I install IncrediBuild on any computer in my network?

A: Yes. IncrediBuild can be installed on any Windows machine. Installing an IncrediBuild Agent (IB101) will add processing power to the build environment and is very cost effective. They can be configured either as a dedicated build farm machine, or to only take advantage of idle processor time, so that the computer's responsiveness isn't affected. If the computer will not be initiating distributed builds (which requires a Build solution), there are no software prerequisites.

Q: Do I have to pay for the Coordinator application?

A: No. The Coordinator is provided free of charge, and pricing is only determined according to the number of Agents in the license.

Q: I'm a licensed user using IncrediBuild with Visual Studio .NET. Can I use it with Visual Studio 2005 or do I need to upgrade?

A: Yes. Starting from IncrediBuild v2.50, licenses supporting Visual Studio .NET can be used with Visual 2005. Note that if your maintenance service has expired and you are using an older version, you may have to renew your maintenance service in order to upgrade to this version.

Q: After purchasing a license, can I move an Agent from one machine to another?

A: Yes, if your license's maintenance option is still in effect. This will involve a simple process in which the old Agent must first be "unsubscribed" and the new one "subscribed". Both operations are performed centrally from the IncrediBuild Coordinator application.

Q: My trial period has expired, and I need a few more days to finalize the purchase procedure. Can I get an extension?

A: Sure. Just fill in the trial extension form and you will receive a 2-week extension file within a couple of days.

Q: Are multiple CPU/core machines supported and how is this addressed in the licensing model?

A: IncrediBuild can take advantage of machines with multiple CPUs/cores by allowing processors to build files in parallel. This can introduce a substantial additional performance gain. IncrediBuild free trial users can use up to 4 machines with up to 8 CPUs/cores each. When licensing IncrediBuild, multi-CPU/core support is available for an additional cost. See pricing and terms for more details.

Q: Am I entitled to support and version upgrades after purchasing IncrediBuild?

A: Each initial IncrediBuild license purchase entitles you to 12 months of free version upgrades and support. This period can be extended for an annual fee. See the IncrediBuild Pricing page for more details.

Q: How is the product delivered and what are the delivery terms?

A: A product license file will be delivered by email within 1 business day of receiving the order. No physical shipment is made.

Q: I am a licensed user. I want to split my license between several physical sites. Is this possible?

A: Yes - this service is provided for free for licenses with an active maintenance service. If you wish to transfer some of the Agents used in one location to another location, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and we'll provide you with details.

Q: I forgot to renew my maintenance service and it has now expired. I would now like to renew it in order to continue receiving technical support and version upgrades. Is there any penalty for late maintenance renewals?

A: A 12-month maintenance service renewal will result in 12 months being added to your last maintenance service expiry date. There is no additional penalty for late renewals. If your maintenance has expired more than a year ago, please contact us.

Q: I have a sales-related question that I haven't found an answer to. How do I contact you?

A: Write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We'll do our best to provide a speedy response.