IncrediBuild Unveils Brand New Enterprise Edition of Its Popular Tool, Available Immediately

Tel Aviv (January 16, 2018)


IncrediBuild, the leading development acceleration solution provider with over 150,000 users, has revealed an entirely new product dedicated to the enterprise segment in response to enterprise customers' unique needs. The newest member of its product family, IncrediBuild Enterprise Edition, is available immediately starting today.


IncrediBuild Enterprise Edition was designed with the assistance of the company’s valuable partners from the world's top organizations while keeping data analytics and continuous delivery in mind. While the Enterprise Edition takes IncrediBuild’s development acceleration to the next level by offering exclusive features for enterprise scale clients, the newly launched product’s vision goes even beyond.


“One of our main goals is making IT managers and release managers’ lives easier by providing simple access and readability of data regarding builds and IT infrastructure,” said IncrediBuild’s CTO, Dori Exterman. “IncrediBuild Enterprise Edition utilizes the immense amount of data generated by IncrediBuild to provide a dashboard with insightful big data analytics and reporting which subsequently simplify complex build/IT management scenarios. We’re offering tighter integration with advanced dev technologies and enhanced support for continuous delivery/devops practices.”


Powerful Acceleration for Enterprise Scale Deployments  

IncrediBuild Enterprise Edition’s acceleration features were designed to empower customers with heavy IncrediBuild deployments. Users can run multiple builds in parallel for unparalleled speed as well as enjoy optimized utilization for machines with a large number of cores.




Seamless Jenkins and TFS Integration

Plug-ins for popular CI/CD tools like Jenkins and TFS (with an upcomingTeamCity plug-in) ensure native and seamless integration into existing continuous integration setups with no IT overhead.


Visualized Build Reporting and Analytics Dashboards (in Beta)


Users who install IncrediBuild Enterprise Edition now, will be the first to experience the Beta version of the product’s build reporting and analytics dashboards. IT managers can gain insight into exactly how IncrediBuild Agents are utilized in the network, and how idle CPU resources are being used to maximize hardware & cloud usage capabilities. Release managers can view an analysis of their builds to optimize build performance and identify errors and bottlenecks.


“For several years, our large-scale customers have been asking us for a way to take IncrediBuild’s acceleration to the next step,” said IncrediBuild’s CEO, Eyal Maor. “I’m thrilled we can now accommodate their needs with a product designed to make the most out of their setup while adding another layer of scalability and analyticsto their existing continuous integration practice.”