IncrediBuild Enterprise Edition

IncrediBuild Enterprise Edition empowers large organizations with convenient IT overview over Agent utilization, a complex build scenario reporting system, native integration with continuous integration systems, as well as a slew of other new features.

IncrediBuild Enterprise Edition utilizes the immense amount of data generated by IncrediBuild to provide a dashboard with insightful big data analytics and reporting which subsequently simplify complex build/IT management scenarios. It offers tighter integration with advanced dev technologies and enhanced support for continuous delivery/devops practices

Seamless Jenkins and TFS integration 

Set up IncrediBuild Enterprise Edition’s Jenkins, TFS, and VSTS plug-ins with one click to accelerate your existing continuous Integration process or easily integrate with any other CI tool you have. Speed-up each task in your pipeline including compilations, tests, code analysis and more.  

New Build Reporting and Analytics Dashboards

New build reporting and analytics dashboards provide a convenient graphical IT overview as well as a simplified way to perform complex build scenario management. IT managers can gain insight into exactly how IncrediBuild agents are utilized in the network, and how idle CPU resources are being used to maximize hardware & cloud usage capabilities.
Release managers, on the other hand, can view an analysis of their builds to optimize build performance and identify errors and bottlenecks.

Run Multiple Builds in Parallel for Unparalleled Speed

IncrediBuild Enterprise Edition’s all-new multi-builds feature allows running multiple IncrediBuild executions in parallel on the same Initiator machine\build server.
  • Use a single build server or CI instance without having to worry about the number of developers executing a build on it 
  • Breeze through C# build execution with optimized multiple C# microservices solutions executed in parallel 
  • Dramatically speed-up compute-intensive tasks such as game development in parallel to executing code compilation or testing tasks.
  • Easily execute parallel Visual Studio compilations, BuildConsole commands, IBConsole commands or any combination out of the above 
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