IncrediBuild for Nintendo Wii

IncrediBuild for Nintendo Wii U™ Development

Ready to accelerate your Wii U™ builds?

IncrediBuild can dramatically accelerate distributed builds for the Wii U™ platform, together with the Visual Studio integration for Wii U™ available on the Warrioworld website.

Benefits include:

  • Dramatically faster Nintendo Wii U™ builds
  • Complete integration with the Microsoft Visual Studio environment
  • Complete integration with Make environments
  • Integrated Build Monitor visualization
  • Optimized performance for the Nintendo Wii U™ build tool set

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Once we've confirmed that you are an authorized developer for Nintendo Wii U™, you will receive an evaluation license file supporting Nintendo Wii U™ distributed builds.

**IncrediBuild is also available for the Nintendo 3DS™ platform. Nintendo 3DS™ Developers can also submit the form to the right regarding IncrediBuild for 3DS.