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Install IncrediBuild directly from within Visual Studio 2017


Want to develop faster? Make sure you are running Microsoft tools with IncrediBuild.


Since 2002, IncrediBuild has been accelerating Microsoft development. IncrediBuild works together with the Microsoft development team to ensure seamless integration and information sharing. Microsoft also uses IncrediBuild to accelerate your favorite programs and games.


This ensures seamless support and improvements for Microsoft development, including Visual Studio, C++, Native Android C++, C#, MSBuild, MSTest, VSTest, TFS, Xbox and other gaming platforms, Azure, Visual Studio Team Services,  and more.


How does IncrediBuild work? IncrediBuild accelerates time-consuming products or executions by distributing their processes in parallel across idle cores over the local network and the cloud, where IncrediBuild is installed. For example, IncrediBuild enables an execution running on a four-core local machine to run on 400 cores in the network, thus significantly accelerating the overall execution time.


IncrediBuild uses a unique technology to accelerate these processes and applications: Process Virtualization. This technology virtualizes processes on a remote machine as if they are running on the local machine. See Microsoft Visual Studio blog post here to learn more on how to improve build time with IncrediBuild and Visual Studio 2015


Visual Studio Development 

IncrediBuild is directly integrated into Visual Studio. There is no need to edit your code or execute your build scripts from outside Visual Studio. Rather, within Visual Studio, simply run builds directly from the IncrediBuild menu rather than from Visual Studio’s Build menu. 


IncrediBuild’s close relationship with Microsoft helps ensure optimum performance with the newest Visual Studio releases, as well as continued compatibility and improvements with prior releases. You are never left behind.


IncrediBuild also adds values to Visual Studio by allowing additional insights into the build process. With IncrediBuild for Visual Studio, developers and build managers stop running blind, gaining visualization into their build execution and tests; get easy error detection, the ability to see project output sorted per project, easy navigation between executed tasks, and more.


Early adopters of Visual Studio can gain the IncrediBuild advantage. For the latest releases of Visual Studio, IncrediBuild is usually a Sim-Ship partner, committing us to early compatibility with the latest Visual Studio releases and advancements.


 Without IncrediBuild With IncrediBuildDifference
Qt 4.8 12 hours 6 minutes  1 hour 45 minutes 691%


IncrediBuild is a Visual Studio Partner

IncrediBuild is a Visual Studio premier partner. The Visual Studio Partner Program provides members with direct access to early previews, support, and extensive marketing and technical resources.





MSBuild is Microsoft’s open-source build tool and is the underlying build technology used by Visual Studio, TFS, and Visual Studio Team Services. Visual Studio development requires MSBuild, but it is also possible to use MSBuild it from a command line and in other development environments, even in environments where Visual Studio is not installed.


IncrediBuild allows customers using MSBuild as their build engine to accelerate their builds and gain build insights, even without using Visual Studio.


For developers using MSBuild directly and not within an IDE (for example, executing MSBuild commands to build your solution from the command line), you can still use IncrediBuild. Even working in MSBuild but outside of Visual Studio, users can get the same acceleration benefits of IncrediBuild as well as IncrediBuild’s visualization and build reporting. Simply wrap the MSBuild command with IncrediBuild.


When users normally run MSBuild directly, they do not receive user-friendly, readable output. Running MSBuild with IncrediBuild provides easy-to-read build output and graphical visualization that lets users analyze their build with IncrediBuild’s visualization instead of a long, tedious textual output.


IncrediBuild makes MSBuild even faster, accelerating any build that uses MSBuild as the build platform.



C++ based solutions’ build times are notoriously slow. IncrediBuild makes C++ development much faster by highly accelerating the C++ compilation time.


IncrediBuild accelerates C++ projects in two ways: distributed builds using process virtualization and predicted (out-of-order) execution. IncrediBuild distributes C++ compilation processes in parallel across idle cores over the local network and cloud machines on which IncrediBuild is installed.


Additionally, using proprietary technology developed by IncrediBuild’s build experts, IncrediBuild’s predicted execution technology further optimizes the throughput (parallelization) of your C++ builds. It determines the real dependencies between the tasks being executed as part of your build execution and running in parallel those  that can be parallelized.


With predicted execution, IncrediBuild gets a larger number of tasks that can be executed in parallel. This provides IncrediBuild the ability to use even more cores to make your C++ builds even faster. This isn’t just beneficial on distributed builds on your network. This also helps acceleration on your local machine by better using the local cores because of throughput improvements on your C++ builds. Combined with IncrediBuild’s visualization which enables the easy detection of bottlenecks and errors, build performance can be further optimized.


In addition, if you build in multiple configurations and platforms, IncrediBuild executes batch builds in parallel. With batch builds there are many more tasks. In this scenario, IncrediBuild’s ability to use more cores is even more important. Utilize cores to the fullest allowing IncrediBuild to use hundreds of cores in parallel.



Large and complex C# code builds take time to build. IncrediBuild for C# seamlessly integrates into your Visual Studio projects. The great benefit can come to those who have multiple projects -- especially with loosely coupled dependencies. Even if your C# build time takes only a few minutes, IncrediBuild for C# can make a huge difference.


Just as with C++ builds, described above, C# developers benefit from IncrediBuild’s visualization, the ability to detect bottlenecks, run batch builds and more. 

Accelerating Unit Testing & Code Analysis

IncrediBuild for Dev Tools accelerates many development tools, including those developed by Microsoft. Among accelerated tools are those for unit testing and code analysis, such as MSTest, VSTest, and FXCop.


Unit tests are usually loosely coupled, with minimal dependencies between tasks. Using IncrediBuild, you can scale your tests and disperse them across a virtually unlimited number of cores. This makes parallelizing tests especially effective. Because the tests are usually loosely coupled, the more tests you have the more performance boost you will gain – giving virtually linear unlimited scalability.


For example, Retalix, a division of NCR Retail, accelerated MSTest with IncrediBuild. With around 15,000 unit testing processes running in each cycle, its platform needed to scale. Meanwhile, as each build was running, developers had to wait until they could commit their own test fixes, causing significant delays. Before implementing IncrediBuild, running 15,000 unit tests with MSTest took 12 Minutes  After implementing IncrediBuild, their build was reduced to only 1 minute 20 seconds. 10 times faster.


For further information please visit Retalix case study.


IncrediBuild also accelerates static code analysis, including Microsoft’s own static code analysis tool. FxCop is a free static code analysis tool from Microsoft that checks .NET managed code assemblies for conformity to Microsoft's .NET Framework Design Guidelines. FxCop includes both GUI and command line versions. Running FxCop over thousands of lines of code can be time consuming without IncrediBuild for Dev Tools.

Xbox and Xbox One Game Development Acceleration

Xbox development requires getting to market fast and involves heavy-duty processing. IncrediBuild accelerates Xbox360 and XboxOne game development. Many game studios also make extensive use of IncrediBuild to accelerate Asset build and many other compute-intensive processes that game developers run.


IncrediBuild makes graphics-intensive development much faster, accelerating tools such as shader compilers, including Microsoft’s own FXC shader compiler.


With IncrediBuild, process acceleration is performed not only for compilations but also for asset builds, rendering, shading compilers such as FXC Compiler, lighting, compression, file conversion, and other tasks. Integration of IncrediBuild acceleration technology is integrated to work with the Xbox game development process significantly reduces the time and cost of game development as well as enables much faster time-to-market.


IncrediBuild works with many gaming platforms and engines to help Xbox and other game development. You can use the same infrastructure to accelerate all of your game development tools that are needed to develop Xbox games.


With a single button, IncrediBuild lets you compile and accelerate the builds for all available platforms simultaneously, PC as well as different consoles so you do not have to build a separate solution dedicated to each platform. You need only maintain a single solution for all platforms and asset builds. Without IncrediBuild, you would need to maintain separate codebases for each gaming platform.


These processes are time consuming. But, because they are easily parallelizable, with IncrediBuild you can speed them up with virtually unlimited cores. Adding additional cores provide virtually exponential results and performance boosts.


IncrediBuild’s acceleration power is invaluable during game development, often building games across all platforms 30 times faster.


Microsoft Game Studios uses IncrediBuild to accelerate their own games to achieve faster time to market and shorten their development time. Learn how Microsoft Game Studios uses IncrediBuild to release faster. Turn 10, a division of Microsoft Game Studios and the makers of the popular Forza motorsport franchise uses IncrediBuild to accelerate rendering and Compilation. They have experienced build times of 60 minutes before using IncrediBuild. After implementing IncrediBuild, build time was reduced to 8 minutes – a 600% time reduction.


Team Foundation Server (TFS)

IncrediBuild seamlessly integrates with and natively accelerates Team Foundation Server (TFS).


While Microsoft's Team Foundation Server (TFS) helps you automate and streamline the process of building software, larger projects may take too long to give the necessary feedback.


Combining the build process automation capabilities of TFS with IncrediBuild's unique process virtualization capabilities can help you speed up your build process by allowing your TFS build machine to utilize all of the cores in all of the machines across your network.


With hundreds of cores available at your build agent's disposal, your TFS workflow can now perform much faster. Just as IncrediBuild can accelerate builds and development tools independently, it also accelerates these within your TFS workflow. Highly accelerate your compilation time, unit tests, code analysis, regression tests, build, tests, packaging, and any time-consuming process.


Without IncrediBuild, every TFS workflow assigned to run on a TFS agent will basically run locally. Its processing time is driven by the processing power of the specific assigned TFS agent and you cannot make the whole process run faster. Integrating IncrediBuild within the build workflow enables the TFS agent to dramatically increase its processing power, by transparently utilizing additional cores and memory in the local network.


IncrediBuild has two TFS activities: one for accelerating compilation process  and another for accelerating other processes such as unit testing. All you need to do is edit your Build Process Template and add IncrediBuild Activity to it. Once you checked-in the changes for the process template then you are ready to run that process.


There are two ways to run IncrediBuild with TFS. Simply wrapping a TFS existing activity (command) with IncrediBuild as well as using a native IncrediBuild TFS activity. 


IncrediBuild’s visualization capabilities, such as error detection are especially meaningful for build managers running TFS builds. Build managers need to see what they are running, where there are problems, what can be improved, changes between builds, and build history. IncrediBuild’s visualization and build history enables them to track and see if they have degradation in their build performance/accuracy.


Once you run a TFS build cycle with IncrediBuild, we accelerate each process and thus the overall CI process time is significantly reduced allowing to run many more cycles a day.   

Accelerate in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure

Using the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud -- infinitely scale your development.


You are not limited to the cores on your machine or need to make expensive hardware investments for peak times or right before a release.


IncrediBuild for Azure helps you speed up your entire build → test → deploy processes in hybrid and pure cloud environments.


With IncrediBuild for Azure, you can turn your build server virtual machine into a virtual supercomputer, from 8 cores to 200 cores in seconds. Without IncrediBuild, you are limited to the processing power of a single virtual machine assigned to you in the cloud. IncrediBuild eliminate built-in limits on processing power with virtually unlimited capabilities. Scale to get more resources on the fly -- on demand, when you need it, such as during peak times such as a product release.



Developers working exclusively in the cloud can benefit from IncrediBuild acceleration capabilities. If you  run a pure cloud, where your entire development is in the cloud, tests in the cloud, and work in the cloud, you can get unparalleled acceleration. IncrediBuild over  Azure  turns your Azure virtual machines into a supercomputer – allowing you to use the cores of all your Azure Virtual Machines.


Using Azure, you can run IncrediBuild either on Windows or on Linux. IncrediBuild for Azure will shortly be part of the Azure marketplace. For further information on IncrediBuild over Azure please visit our Azure page.


Visual Studio Team Services

IncrediBuild has an extension for Visual Studio Team Services (previously Visual Studio Online). Visual Studio Team Services provides a set of cloud-powered collaboration tools that work with your existing IDE or editor just like your on premise TFS, so your team can work effectively on software projects of all shapes and sizes.


Using cloud resources, IncrediBuild executes compute intensive development processes in parallel across machines in the cloud, instead of running it on a single virtual machine instance - reducing build times, testing and other development processes time by 80%.


Visual Studio Team Services users can use IncrediBuild to accelerate their TFS workflows and allocate more VMs and cloud resources  in Visual Studio Team Services to speed building, testing, etc. and whatever other processes are part of their Visual Studio Team Services development environment. They can also extend their scalability by connecting IncrediBuild Team Services into Azure and scale any process to use Azure resources to further accelerate their overall build cycles.