IncrediBuild Videos

 Learn all about how to use IncrediBuild to reach game-changing speed.

IncrediBuild Overview


Software development often suffers from wasted time in the form of processing builds, running unit tests, QA scripts, rendering, and coding. The solution to all that wasted time: IncrediBuild. IncrediBuild eliminates 90% of the symptoms with no side effects. IncrediBuild allows every computer to utilize hundreds of cores you already have in your network to accelerate code builds and development tools up to 30 times faster. Learn more about how IncrediBuild can save you time.




How much time can IncrediBuild save you?


 Learn how reducing your coffee break can actually be a good thing.





How to install and run IncrediBuild


These videos will teach you how to install and run IncrediBuild on your local machine using the default installation process. 10 minutes and you are up and running saving time!



After you accept the licensing agreement, select both the Agent and the Coordinator to install. You do not need to install the back-up coordinator. You do not need to change the installation folder, any of the ports, or file cache size- you may keep them all on their default settings. At this point, you may notice an exclamation mark next to the IncrediBuild icon. This is to remind you to load the license file for the Coordinator. Simply click the license file and wait for the confirmation message. You now have both the coordinator and the agent installed on your machine. Now that you have it installed, watch the next video to learn how to use it.




Accelerate Development Tools


Unit testing, code analysis, CI, or other development tools running slow? Learn how to speed them up using IncrediBuild for Dev Tools.



How to accelerate unit testing with MSTest and IncrediBuild 


Discover the benefit of parallel execution over a sequential one and learn how to easily accelerate your unit testing process.




Using IncrediBuild's Build Monitor  

Learn how to use IncrediBuild's build monitor to visualize your build like never before and optimize it with ease.




50 Shades of Scaling: Beyond Master/Slave Architecture

Watch Dori Exterman's talk at the Jenkins User Conference 2016 to learn how to boost your Continous Integration tools



Webinar: DevOps and Continuous Integration on Steroids

Learn how to accelerate DevOps and enable Continuous Integration in this webinar by IncrediBuild's CTO